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We are a semi-professional cricket club in Canberra, Australia. Our objective is to provide our members with an opportunity to play cricket in the competition administered by the Canberra City and Suburban Cricket Association and other competitions.

Ceylon Challengers believe that there is no place for discrimination in any form, and we are committed to ensuring that cricket is a game for everyone. As a club we take a zero-tolerance approach to any form of behaviour which is anything other than inclusive for all, regardless of gender, race, sexuality or any other characteristic. 

As individuals, and as a club, we have a responsibility to ensure that we do whatever we can to eradicate prejudice from the game and from society as a whole. 

  • Stage is set for Challengers Night 2022.
  • See all the highlights from Summer 2021-22
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  • Ceylon challengers wins the inaugural Challengers Cup.
  • Congratulations Challengers Grade V team on winning the minor premiership in 2021-22 summer competition.
  • Congratulations Challengers Grade I team for reaching semi-finals in 2021-22 summer competition.
  • Challengers begin pre-season training.
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